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Your roof is your special barrier to protect you from the elements and in its lifespan, it will be subjected to at least 20,000 temperature changes; including being soaked by over 760,000 gallons of water and baked by over 90,000 hours of direct sunlight. When you notice indications of erosion on your roof, it always a sign that your covering, has come to end of its natural life. At this point, we recommend that you contact us so we can examine your roof for the best course of action. Re-roofing not only offers great protection but also financial value as it can add thousands to the price of your property.




When you notice that your roof is in disarray, the two main questions that are considered are; How much is the repair going to cost? and how much time will it take? Leadwork North East provide competitive re-roofing solutions using quality materials that last. We have the expertise and knowledge to re-roof any type of home or commercial property; including tile and slate roofs to flat roofs. Our re-roofing service is completely tailored to your needs. If your current roof material compliments your home or you wish to keep it the same, we will conduct a swap with a brand-new roof matching the materials exactly or as closely as possible. We will also ensure that your old roof is disposed of in the correct environmentally friendly way.

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